Press statement from the Islamic Community in Spain and the Seville Mosque Foundation Categories: COMUNICADOS

The Seville Mosque Foundation is aware of the doubts that have been transmitted to us from different embassies and official organizations regarding the possible confusion of our project, the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, with other initiatives.

The Seville Mosque Foundation was established in 2004 and registered in the registry of foundations of the Ministry of Culture with the number 1091 and with CIF G91405522. In 2013, the project to build an Islamic Cultural Center in Seville was resumed in a public and transparent way. The project was presented to the pertinent authorities and all the information regarding the project can be consulted on the foundation’s website; as well as all the activities that are carried out, both for the construction of the Islamic Cultural Center and its cultural and social work.

The project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville is supported by the success of the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center of Granada, both developed under the umbrella of the Islamic Community in Spain, an entity registered in the registry of religious entities of the Ministry of Justice with the number 6653-SE / 6 and CIF: R-1800187-E since 1980 and registered in the Islamic Commission in Spain.

The Seville Mosque Foundation project has received the support of numerous institutions and communities, both locally and internationally, including governments, institutions and Muslim communities around the world.

The Islamic Cultural Center of Seville will be an open space at the service of Muslims and the entire Sevillian society, with regulated activities, clean and transparent sources of funding, teaching based on our tradition and the desire to protect ourselves and the city of radical and extremist movements.

Due to the confusion that has occurred, we want to clarify that the Seville Mosque Foundation is not related to the entity ´Ishbilia Mosque Islamic Community´ or its project of ¨The Great Mosque of Seville ”.

For any information regarding the Mosque Foundation of Seville or the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, you can visit our website, where you will find all our contact information.

Without further ado, we thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Malik A. Ruiz, President of the Islamic Community in Spain.

Ibrahim Hernández, Vice President of the Seville Mosque Foundation.