Morocco – June 2018 Categories: VIAJES

In June 2018, the President of the Seville Mosque Foundation together with its Imam Jatib, Ustaz Abdelgani Melara, were received by Sidi Ahmed Kostas, Director of Islamic Affairs of the Ministry of Awqaf of Morocco, and the director of Koran Publications, in the Royal Palace of Rabat.

At the meeting, at the request of the Ministry, the translation of the Noble Quran into Spanish made by Hajj Abdelgani was delivered for a publication of this, which we hope will be published soon, Insha Allah.

During the meeting, they were also presented with the project of the Mosque, Islamic Cultural Center and Awqaf of Seville, together with the annual report of the Foundation, in order to obtain their support, that of the government and His Majesty Mohammed VI.

The relationship with our neighboring country has already been decades of history and brotherhood, having been His Majesty King Hassan II, Rahimahullah, who financed the foundations of the Great Mosque of Granada before his death and his son and heir, King Mohammed VI, the purchase of 17 hectares of land for a school in the same city.