Proposal for suspension and change of the urban regulation 6.6.3 Categories: NOTICIAS

The Hon. The Plenary City Council, in a session held on June 17, 2021, approved a proposal from the Deputy Mayor Delegate for Urban Habitat. Culture and Tourism.

«The current Consolidated Text of the General Urban Planning Plan establishes specific building conditions for the use of Public Facilities and Services referring to materializable buildability, occupation and separation of boundaries, which are applicable to plots with said urban qualification and to those others which, without having said qualification, can house the use of equipment as it is allowed by the particular conditions of the area, said determination being contained in article 6.6.3 of its Urban Regulations. From the application of said precept in certain ordinance areas, buildings have resulted that do not adapt to the environmental conditions, for which reason a revision of the aforementioned article 6.6.3 is necessary and, where appropriate, a modification of it that allows to avoid the great distortion of the image of the city that produces the substitution of the main use by the one allowed for Public Facilities and Services in those ordinance areas.

The object of said specific modification would be the definition of the conditions of application to those buildings that are destined for the use of equipment and public services developed in plots that, although they lack said urban qualification, admit said use as compatible. In all areas of the Ordinance, the PGOU establishes the compatible use of equipment and Public Services. This means that in any plot of the city, regardless of its urban classification, a building could be implanted for a use of those contemplated as equipment.


The Governing Council of the Urban Planning and Environment Management, in a session held on June 9, 2021, agreed to propose to the Hon. Plenary City Council the adoption of the following agreements that this Undersigned Delegate of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism is pleased to propose:

First: In order to address the necessary modifications to be introduced in the Consolidated Text of the General Urban Planning Plan to adequately regulate the urban planning determinations applicable to the implementation of public facilities and services on plots that admit this use as compatible or permitted, they are suspended for within one year throughout the municipal territory, the urban planning licenses for plots or plots that, not being expressly classified as equipment and services, Porias U fuerasceda, the implementation of said use as compatible or permitted by applying the conditions of article 6.0.3 of the

Second: Start the studies and work necessary for a specific modification of the General Urban Planning Plan of Seville in article 6.6.3 of its Urban Regulations, which regulates the conditions of application to the use of public facilities and services.

Third: By virtue of the provisions of article 133 of Law 39/2015 of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, in order to guarantee the participation of citizens, agree on the conduct of a public consultation by term one month, through the web portal of the Urban Planning and Environment Management to gather public opinion about the future modification of the general planning.

What is made public for general knowledge

In Seville on July 8, 2021. The Secretary of Management.


Published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Seville, number 161, on July 14, 2021