Signing of a collaboration agreement with Hadhari Global Network

Yesterday, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Seville Mosque Foundation and the Hadhari Global Network, the Legacy Foundation of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The agreement signed by the Secretary General of Hadhari Global, Dato’ Jefridin Haji Atan and the President of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Ibrahim Hernández, aims to strengthen the relations between Spain and Malaysia with the implementation of seminars and conferences in based on the principles of Islam Hadhari as; Faith in Allah, just governments and trust, people’s independence, knowledge, balanced economic development, quality of life, protection of the rights of women and minorities, moral and cultural integrity and preservation of the nature.

It is an honour for the Seville Mosque Foundation of Seville, that this agreement has been signed and we hope that the collaboration will be fruitful in the achievement of the specified purposes and for both institutions.

Tun Abdullah’s relationship with the Seville Mosque Foundation comes started a few years ago. During the first visit to Malaysia, the delegates of the Seville Mosque Foundation were invited to his residence and since then a cordial relationship has been maintained that translates into this agreement, in which we feel honoured and will do what is in our capacity to implement it so that is has a real social benefit.