Public Iftar in the Plaza del Triunfo, Granada

On June 10th, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, a collective IFTAR took place in the GARDENS OF TRIUNFO, to which all the people from Granada were invited.

The reason for this event was to know Ramadan in first person and to understand more about Islam.

The Iftar consisted of the following activities:
– Activities workshops and crafts for the smallest and henna tattoos
– Workshops for young people: conversation circles, breaking Islamophobia and meeting refugees
– Breaking the fast
– Salat (prayer) in collective (Shaykh Ahmed Bermejo, Imam of the Great Mosque of Granada)

The event was organized by several Islamic associations (Dar Al Anwar, Onda, Enkrateia, Nour ..), and mosques (Great Mosque of Granada, Islamic Center of Granada, Assalam, La Chana, Churriana ..) and other associations such as culture and rejection

It was the first time in Granada that a public iftar is made for all the people of Granada, Muslim and non-Muslim, in one of the most important squares of the city.

In one of the largest concentrations (with more than 1500 attendees) that has lived the Islamic community of Granada, they wanted to give a message of peace and coexistence.

Great initiative and our most sincere congratulations to all who have made it possible and have participated in it.

Ramadan Mubarak