A very inspiring short story of how this amazing students got involved in #ATileForSeville.

I found out about the project of the Mosque, Islamic Cultural Centre and Awqaf of Seville, from the Instagram posts of Malaysian artists who are also the ambassadors for the project in Malaysia. From there I started to watch the videos and google more about it.

I then decided to take part in this project due to the amazing visions it has. To educate and empower the young generation of muslims and to build bridges between muslims and the Spanish community of other faiths. These are visions that I have always believe in and wished to participate in any way possible.

As a student, at first I thought I have nothing much to offer but I realized if more people join in this effort, we could actually do something. So, we started this project with setting up a local account for online donations. We circulated the information among our friends and through social media. Then, together with the working community here, we set up a charity sale and alhamdulillah, over that one event we managed to raise quite a sum of money.

We probably did not contribute as much money as Government bodies did, but I believe that what is more important, is the fact that we all share this vision, we all try to contribute to this vision within our capacity, we all want to see this ummah to develop and live up to its true standard.

I believe the existence of this Islamic Centre symbolizes the unity of the ummah, the izzah of the deen, the love for knowledge and the spirit to spread peace across Spain. In sha allah, we hope that, tile by tile, this dream will become a reality soon.

Zakiah Mohd,
Medicine Student in Ireland.