Constitution of the Seville Mosque Foundation Categories: FUNDACION

On September 8, 2004, the Seville Mosque Foundation was established, a private, non-profit cultural foundation with registration number 651CUL and CIF G91405522, with headquarters in Plaza Ponce de León, 9, Seville. Founded by the Islamic Community in Spain, an entity registered with the Ministry of Justice since 1980, with registration number 019861, and a statutory member of the Islamic Commission of Spain.

The Foundation is constituted as an entity for the construction and management of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, and has among its purposes the promotion and development of all kinds of activities aimed at the dissemination and knowledge of cultural and religious life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Favoring activities and projects that may be beneficial in the cultural, social, civic, educational, sporting, ecological-environmental and economic spheres, locally, nationally or internationally.

Some of the specific purposes include:

  • Facilitate all Muslims, without distinction of nationality, age, sex, race, or origin, place of prayer and worship and provide means and instruments for the observance of religious practices and for the development of education, well-being and harmonious coexistence of them.
  • Promote, collaborate and favor the collection and distribution of Zakat.
  • Provide help to Muslims in Spain, in particular, and those in the rest of the world, in general, who are in need for reasons of age, weakness, disability, ignorance, poverty or economic and social circumstances.
  • Provide help and cooperation to the youth, the elderly, the weak and the handicapped who are in need regardless of their nationality, race or religious belief.
  • Provide, in the interest of social welfare, the creation of facilities for recreation and / or leisure and especially through the creation, maintenance and care of the gardens, fountains and recreational spaces incorporated into the Mosque as “semi-public” and open in the schedule that is determined for the use and enjoyment of all people, in general, and Muslims, in particular.
  • Contribution to the training of specialists in whatever knowledge is considered to be of interest to society, in general, and Muslims, in particular, through collaborative projects with all types of Universities, Scientific Institutes or any other public or private institutions or foundations.