Renewal of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and reactivation of the project Categories: FUNDACION

The Board of Trustees of the Seville Mosque Foundation is renewed and Ibrahim Hernández is appointed vice-president. The construction project is resumed under three new premises:

  • Building on private land instead of public land and reducing the size of the previous project.
  • Focussing the renewed emphasis of the project on the Islamic Cultural Center, as a place of service and social commitment.
  • Maintaining the balance between the work towards the future project and the activity and social reality of the present.

At the same time, an effort is made for transparency through the website and social media, collaboration with institutions, government and related entities is promoted, diplomatic ties are established with different countries, and a campaign is made to publicise the project and raise funds.

To learn more about the project you can visit:

And on the same website you can navigate through the different activities, diplomacy, trips, etc., that the Mosque Foundation of Seville has carried out in recent years.