Turkey – March 2019 / Oumar Kanouté receives the International Benevolence Award Categories: VIAJES

On Wednesday, March 13, Oumar Kanouté received in Ankara, Turkey, the International Benevolence Award (İyilik Ödülleri), from the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation. A reward for his life, dedication and ongoing charity to others.

The event was attended, invited by Oumar Kanouté and TDV, the president of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Ibrahim Hernandez, who nominated Oumar for this prestigious award at the request of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Turkey, and who accompanied Oumar during this incredible experience together with his agent, Amin A.Rahman.

After receiving the award, in a few words where he called us to awareness of the things that really matter and for which we will be judged, and after talking about the City of Sakina for orphaned children in Mali, he had the deference to make an appeal to support the Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center project of the Seville Mosque Foundation, a project that in his own words should be, ¨not only for the increase in faith and knowledge of Muslims, but also a place with open doors to all over the world, to create bridges and closeness between people.¨