Kuwait – March 2019 / Visit to the Ministry Awqaf with Kanouté Categories: VIAJES

Oumar Kanouté, in his efforts to help the Seville Mosque Foundation project to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque, invited the Seville Mosque Foundation to accompany him on a charity trip to Kuwait.

During the trip, Kanouté, along with Amin, his representative and Abu Qasim Molinero, secretary of the Seville Mosque Foundation, had a meeting with the Ministry of Awqaf in which the project was presented to them. The Awqaf Ministry has studied the project, which they liked a lot, and they have said that they will study the possible form of help.

This meeting is part of a series of events to which Kanouté has been invited and in which numerous charities and personalities from Kuwait have participated. Abu Qasim Molinero has accompanied Oumar Kanouté to these events representing the Mosque Foundation of Seville.

We greatly appreciate Kanouté’s invitation to accompany him on this trip and for his involvement in the project, as well as the reception of the Kuwait Awqaf Ministry and his interest in this project that we hope will soon see its fruits, God willing.