#ATileForSeville Launch & Video Trailer!!

#ATileForSeville campaign was officially launched today. A campaign designed and produced by Ukhwah for Ummah (ukhwahforummah.org), with the collaboration of VisitalAndalus.es.

We want to give our sincere thanks especially Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang for his assistance and words of support and encouragement.

Everyone in Ukhwah for Ummah for their initiative and hard work.

Of course the artists, Farah Fauzana, Fynn Jamal, Diana Amir and Heliza Helmi, for their effort, devotion and inspiration! Also their families for their unconditional support.

All media who attended the event.

To all those who have made this campaign possible helping in many ways!

And of course, all the thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims!, who have already contributed to this cause!

May Allah give us all success in this life and the next! Amin.

Alhamdulillah wa shukru lillah!