Audience with Mr José María Matres, Spanish Ambassador to Indonesia

On Wednesday, April 26th, a delegation from the Seville Mosque Foundation visited the Spanish embassy in Indonesia to pay respect to the new ambassador, Mr. José María Matres Manso, Ambassador of Spain to Indonesia, on the Foundation’s journey to promote the ‘A Tail for Seville’ campaign.

Both the President of the Foundation, Malik Abderrahman and the Vice President, Ibrahim Hernandez, had a pleasant and productive meeting with the Ambassador in which they explained to him the effort that the Seville Mosque Foundation is carrying out for the construction of an Islamic cultural center and a mosque in the city of Seville.

During the meeting, topics were discussed on Islam in Spain and in the rest of the world in which the Ambassador demonstrated a great knowledge of Islam as well as the situation of the Muslims, given his previous experience as an ambassador in Mali and his personal interest about Islam.

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we would like to thank the friendly reception offered by the entire embassy team as well as the willingness of the Ambassador to support the delegation during this stay in Indonesia.