Luqman Nieto

‘We are only putting things right’

There is a fundamental flaw in the current worldview that dominates our intellects and actions and it causes our current situation, both at a human level and planetary one. This flaw is that we want -and pretend to- operate in the world as if we, the earth, and every living thing is cold, hard matter; obviating the unseen -and unmeasurable- …

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Special Report World Muslims Minorities Summit (Istanbul, April, 2018)

The Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey organized, between the 16th and 19th of April, the World Muslim Minorities Summit. More than 250 representatives from 100 countries, in which the Muslims are a minority, attended the Summit, which took place in Istanbul. The main aim of the summit was to connect and strengthen the relationship amongst Muslims …

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Cairo: the inconsiderate friend that you can’t help but love him, by Hafiz Luqman Nieto

Written by Hafith Luqman Nieto, communication & media manager of the Seville Mosque Foundation, from Cairo, where he has been perfectioning his arabic and tajwid for the past few months. This story is taken from his blog Originally published in English. Cairo: the inconsiderate friend that you can’t help but love him. Hafiz Luqman Nieto Cairo is a big, big city. It’s …

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