End of the #ATileForSeville campaign, and thank-you note

We would like to send a final thank-you note to all those who have made this incredible campaign possible for the construction of the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque and Awqaf of Seville.

It has been an authentic pleasure, pride, honor and satisfaction for the Seville Mosque Foundation to work with all those who have made this campaign possible; Every one in Ukhwah for Ummah. The artists, Farah Fauzana, Diana Amir, Heliza Helmi and Fynn Jamal. Our brother Hafith, camera and editor of the 24 videos! To Visit Al Andalus (Omeya Travel Group), for the production and logistics. And of course to all who have supported and contributed to this noble cause.

May Al-lah reward you all for your efforts and generosity. Amin! Y … do not miss

#ATileForSeville 2 !!! COMMING SOON !!!