Class and Iftar with the community of Almonte, Huelva

The 19th night of Ramadan Hajj Khalid Nieto and Doctor Fawwas were invited to teach a class in the ¨Islamic Cultural Center Blas Infante” in Almonte, Huelva.

At the iftar fifty people participated, they all had generously contributed with a dish of Moroccan tradition. Before the Isha prayer, the participants from the Seville Mosque Foundation gave a class, as is tradition in Ramadan, under the title ¨The justice due to Allah: the pure belief.

By that time the mosque was filled with more than two hundred believers who heard the class and participated in the Tarawih prayer. At the conclusion of the speech, Hajj Khalid gave a copy of his book, ¨Éducation Decisiva¨ (Decisive Education) to Sidi Said Lfasi, president of the organizing Association. They were invited to visit us in Seville at the headquarters of our foundation, accepting and promising that shortly would perform.