Collaboration with TV AlHijrah

TV Alhijrah is the most important Islamic television in Malaysia and one of the most important in Asia, every day they reach the homes of millions of Muslims. Its executive director, Dato Izelan Basar, is a dynamic man who sees his position as a way of getting a fresh, dynamic Islamic message that elevates Muslims to all those homes.

The delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation had the honor of meeting twice with Dato Izelan Basar, who showed his support and advice to carry out the project of the Foundation to build a mosque and Islamic cultural center in the city of Seville.

As part of this effort the executive director wants to do is to broadcast a 30-second ad for a year of support for the campaign carried out by the Foundation in Malaysia, as well as a series of interviews and appearances of its delegates in different chain programs. The possibility of making a documentary about the project was also discussed.

From the Seville Mosque Foundation we want to thank the effort of Dato Izelan Basar and the entire team of TV Alhijrah, who have always supported this project.