With Uztaz Yusuf Mansur at the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia

Alhamdulil-lah! We were totally overwhelmed by the incredible reception event at the Central Mosque in Jakarta, Istiqlal, on Sunday, April 23rd.

We are overwhelmed by the energy, knowledge and tremendous generosity of Uztaz Yusuf Mansur, for the surprising participation of thousands of Muslims, a Sunday at 8 o’clock in the morning!!! And for the generosity, care and concern of all of them towards their brothers in Islam in Spain. Masha Al-lah!

Our most sincere thanks for giving us the opportunity to share with you all our desire and need to have a dignified place for the Muslims of Seville and even more, to allow us to be in your company and to welcome us with this tremendous courtesy.

Impossible not to stay short of words of gratitude to all of you. May Allah reward you, increase and give you all the best in this life and the next! Amin!