Conference at Al Azhar University, Jakarta, Indonesia

On the agenda of the recent trip to Indonesia of the delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation, invited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, through its director, Pak Nadjamuddin Rambli, a lecture was given at the prestigious University of Al Azhar , in the Faculty of International Relations, in Jakarta. Organized by ISYEF, Indonesian Islamic Youth Economic Forum.

The theme of the conference was ¨Civilization and Islamic Culture in Andalusia¨, from which an attempt was made to give an understandable vision of the past and present of Islam in Spain.

The presentations were given by Hajj Ibrahim Hernández Martínez, Vice President of the Seville Mosque Foundation, who made a brief presentation on ‘The current situation of Muslims in Spain, and by extension in Europe and its most recent history.’ And Hafiz Luqman Nieto, ‘History of Islam in Al Andalus and it’s contributions to the world’.