Donation from Ukhwah for Ummah, #ATileForSeville Campaign.


Yesterday, the Seville Mosque Foundation, through its vice president, Ibrahim Hernández, received a check from Ukhwah for Ummah worth RM 552,120.35 !!. Alhamdulil-lah wa Shukru lil-lah. Praise and gratitude belong to Allah.

At the event, where all those who have made this campaign possible, got together with the leading artists and guests of honor, everyone was thanked for the dedication and generosity they have worked in this successful campaign.

We have received this donation from Ukhwah for Ummah, on behalf of the thousands of people who have contributed through the #ATileForSeville campaign over the last 6 months.

May Al-lah reward all and each one of those who have contributed for their generosity and increase them for it. Amin!

We receive this donation with the utmost gratitude and fully aware of the responsibility it entails.

This has been a big step. One more of the many that we have left. And we will always stay short in gratitude to all those who have supported us and continue to do so.

May Al-lah put easiness on our work and give us everything we need to make this project a reality, so we can all enjoy it, in our lives. Amin.