Eid al Fitr, Wednesday 6th of july, Seville

The Eid al-Fitr prayer will be celebrated on WEDNESDAY the 6th, at Alamillo Park. The dhikr will begin at 9am; the Salat will be at 9:15 am.

Remember that the Zakat al Fitr must be delivered before the Eid prayer. According to the Maliki fiqh, must be given a sa’a (*) per person, of some basic food, nonperishable. It can be left at the mosque since the 27th night of Ramadan, or take it to the place of the Eid prayer before Salat.

(*) 4 mudud. 1 al mud is the measure that is reached by filling both palms of hands placed together and half-open. That would be equivalent, depending on the volume, to approximate 2.5kg per person.