ISIS against Islam – El Pais (newspaper)

One of the most revealing data on jihadism-and often unobserved- usually happens that the largest number of fatalities caused by their attacks are Muslim people. The celebration of Ramadan this year is a good example of how the Islamic State is primed with those countries and people who consider they have departed from their fanatical and exclusive worldview.

In Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and Jordan – all Muslim religion countries – where have been repeated in the last recent weeks the scenes of panic with the detonation of explosives by suicide terrorist and the desolation and pain of the wounded and their families. Istanbul airport, a major mosque in Medina, a restaurant in Dhaka, a Jordanian military post or an ice cream shop in Baghdad are just some of the scenarios chosen by the jihadists to send their lethal and indiscriminate message.

Although the ISIS attempts to legitimize the totalitarian project that wants to impose with his usual pseudo-religious babble, the reality is that all Muslims, whatever their age and condition, are in the spotlight. They are as threatened as the rest of the planet by a group characterized by, in addition to extreme cruelty by the attempt to impose by force an incompatible social model with human dignity.

Defeating Jihadism is very complex, and the temptation of discouragement and the use of simple solutions too strong. But we must be aware that it is a global threat that makes no distinctions and terror is applied first to those for which claims to fight. A bloody demonstration by the absence of the so called clash of civilizations enunciated by Samuel Huntington. If anything has confirmed the tragic 2016 Ramadan it is that ISIS has declared war on Islam.

El Pais (newspaper) – July 6th, 2016