End of the classes for children from the Alcandil Association, Bellavista

Since October 2016, an Arabic teaching room has been installed in the Bellavista Civic Center. The activity was developed under the organization of the Association of Muslims of Andalusia Sidi Abu Median, with legal address in this neighborhood and legalized 25 years ago. This association, chaired by our Director of Communication, Khalid Nieto, who made an agreement with a group of parents, under the name of Alcandil, and carried out coordination tasks. Among them are Mr Mohammed Dary, Alami El Khaddari, Mohammed Ahmidan, Farid Mrabet, Youssef Boukir.

They have counted as a teacher with Mr. Bouselham Berdi. Who has organized the classes on two levels. One for beginners with 12 students and one advanced with 8 students.

During the course an activity was organized, “A walk through history” that was exposed in this page.

On the occasion of the end of the year a session was organized with the parents where the students under the direction of Mr. Bouselham, demonstrated the abilities gained, of speech and Arabic vocabulary acquired. They also recited several compositions in group and received an exquisite breakfast prepared by families and a gift of didactic content.

To the event was invited Mr. Khalid Nieto who made the adapted account of the story of the prophet Ibrahim, aleihi salam, from a text by Ibn Kathir. The event was closed with the express desire to continue the next course given the good results obtained and the teacher was given a present by the students.

For our part we value positively that the activities have been done in the Civic Center. It shows that the Muslim community values the offers that the city puts at its disposal, participating as other groups in the development and promotion of cultural values and identities. Congratulations to all parents and teacher.