Visit and gallery of the ´Lady Aisha College´, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Lady Aisha College is an advanced studies finishing school for young Muslim women aged between 18 and 24. They aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge they will need prior to further education, work, marriage and motherhood. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, it enrols young Muslim women from all over the world who have completed their secondary education.

The one-year course has a strong intellectual foundation and provides a stimulating environment in which practical arts are also developed. The tailored curriculum allows the young Muslim woman to gain insight into both herself and the world in which she lives.

Their intention is for the graduates to leave the College as independent, informed thinkers and doers who can engage in all levels of society with eloquence and intelligence, who have a broadened vision of their activity within the realm of the home as well as in the wider community, and who possess a heightened sense of clarity and confidence in themselves, in their potential and in their future.

The Lady Aisha College is a project fully supported and recommended by the Seville Mosque Foundation, to all young women who have the opportunity to assist.

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