Hajja Atika Jimenez at the “I Meeting of Muslim Women of Spain”

Hajja Atika Jimenez, representing the Seville Mosque Foundation, during a conference entitled; “Political Influence of Muslim Women in the Community”.

The activities are being carried out in two spaces that characterize and visualize Islam in Granada: the Alquería de Rosales and the Great Mosque of Granada, as well as a visit to the Alhambra.

We wish all the success and continuity to the organizers, participants and collaborators of this event.

The Islamic Community Al-Ihsan from Melilla has been developing the socio-educational project “Soy Mujer” since 2014. Each year, we raise a topic of study, reflection and debate on the role of women, from the principles of Islam to the present. Her experience and the important work she has been contributing to the construction of Islamic society are unquestionable.

The current Muslim woman has conquered a delimited public space. Traditional cultural customs; that are not Islamic; the point of view of a part of non-Muslim society that focuses on its image and attitude, decide and condition its social inclusion in all areas of vital action.

She must be formed and be formed; it must be recognized and recognized, as it must also be accepted and integrated with the identities that define it, without the sociocultural and religious codes being an obstacle to its contribution and interrelation with the society to which it belongs.

It is our commitment to know and master the instruments to say and decide, the story is not told without us, we are the Other half.

“I am a Woman 2017″. Muslims in a convulsive present. ¨Rahma has the name of a woman” consists of an Encounter of active women in different Islamic organizations in Spain. For 4 days we will be in spaces that invite the analysis, rediscovery and reflection of the role of women in a moment of history in which diversity and peace are in constant turmoil. Islam is Peace, it is integrated by human rights, without any doubt and it entrusts us how to work through education and attitude, to demonstrate and defend it. The involvement of women is essential and essential.

The First Meeting of Muslim Women in Spain organized by the Islamic Community Al-Ihsan will have different presentations, workshops and talks colloquia that will take us from the beginning of Islam to the current situation of Muslim women in particular and Muslims in general, in a society increasingly diverse and complex.

The activities will take place in two spaces that characterize and visualize Islam in Granada: the Alquería de Rosales and the Mezquita Mayor, as well as a visit to the Alhambra, not only as a tourist interest center but as one of the most important references of Islam in Spain. Without forgetting that the Muslim woman of that time played a transcendental role in the history of the city, the most recognized: ‘Aisha al-Horra.

All this, bi idni Allah.