Institutional Iftar with the Badr Mosque, Estepa, Seville

The Islamic cultural center BADR celebrated last night what in Muslim culture is called IFTAR, or the ceremony in which the fast breaks that throughout the day have maintained with deep rigor.

Every ninth month of the lunar year, the Muslim community celebrates Ramadan, the holy month for Islam, the month in which Mohammed, peace and blessings upon him, had the first holy book revelation of the Qur’an. During the nearly 29 days of Ramadan, Muslims practice fasting from dawn to sunset. And every afternoon, at that precise moment when the last ray of sunlight is hidden by the horizon, the Muslims break the fast and pray giving thanks to Allah. At this point in which they break the fast and drink their first glass of water of the day they call it IFTAR. To this family party wanted the Muslim community of Estepa, in the afternoon of yesterday, to invite all the neighbors and neighbors of our town.

The Muslims from Estepa were accompanied by the First Lieutenant Mayor of the City of Estepa, Maria Jose Amador and also attended the act the Superior Father of the Franciscan Convent of Estepa, representatives of the educational community and other neighbors who wanted to know closely the customs of a Culture that although distant in the knowledge coexists very close to us.

The representatives of the center Islamic BADR also count with three members of the Seville Mosque Foundation, among them Dr. Fawwaz and the communication director of the foundation, Mr. Khalid Nieto.
After the rupture of the fast, members of the Muslim community were called to prayer by the Imam, as the norm dictates and then shared the food that the families provided for this IFTAR in the final stretch of their Ramadan and the Kharira, a soup of vegetables that serves to recover forces after the day of fasting and other delicacies of the gastronomy of Morocco.

Mª José Amador, representing the Consistory from Estepa thanked the invitation to the event and offered all their collaboration so that the integration of the Muslim community in Estepa becomes a reality.

For his part, Mr. Khalid Nieto from the Seville Mosque Foundation, emphasized the importance of the education of Muslim children and their true integration into the society. Once again they rely on the new generations as a solution to problems that adults are not able to solve. He was grateful for the presence of several teachers from Estepa on the act.

Finally, the representatives of the CCI BADR with Mr. Serrano and Mr. Lahsen, its president at the head, prepared a beautiful speech for all those present. A hopeful speech and in which was clearly bet for peace and the integration of people and cultures. A speech that explained the true meaning of fasting, an action that is performed as a symbolic act and solidarity with the poor.

Estepa City Council