IX Conference on Education, Granada.

The Al Andalus Educational Foundation will celebrate, starting on friday the 23rd of december, the ‘IX Conference on Education’ in Granada. Apart from the internal meetings of the directors of the foundation and educators, there is an open program to the public where everyone is invited, with special emphasis on all the Muslim communities of Granada.

Program of the IX Conference on Education of the Al Andalus Educational Foundation.

FRIDAY, 23rd
10:00: Presentation of the school project.
Place: Euroárabe Foundation of High Studies, C/ San Jerónimo 27, Granada.
19:00: Theater performance of our students: “Don Quixote de la Mancha”.
Location: “La Expositiva”, C/ Cárcel Alta, Granada (Plaza Nueva).

From 18:00: Evening of Dhikr with Shaykh Moulay Mortada.
Place: Center for Islamic Studies, Great Mosque of Granada.

SUNDAY, 25th
In the morning: Internal meeting of our foundation team.
After Dhuhur: Barbecue in the field of the future school (Cubillas, Albolote).
For further information and contact: www.fundacionalandalus.com