Khutba: The construction of Mosques. (Spanish/Arabic Audio – 11.11.16).

Khutba of the Jumua, about the construction of mosques.

36 “In houses where Al-lah has allowed them to rise
and to be remembered in them His name and in where they glorify Him morning and evening
37 Men to whom neither business nor commerce distracts them from the remembrance of Al-lah,
from establishing the salat and to deliver the zakat.
They are afraid of a day when hearts and eyes will unravel.”
Sura of light.

107 ”And there are those who took a mosque as prejudice, disbelief,
division between believers and stalking place at the service of whom had previously waged war against
Al-lah and His Messenger.
They will swear with security: “We wanted nothing but good.”
Al-lah testifies that they are liars.
108 Never remain in it, for truly a mosque founded on the fear (of Al-lah)
from the first day, it is more worthy that you remain in it.
There are men who love to purify themselves
and Al-lah loves those who purify themselves.
109 Who is better, who builds his edifice on the fear of Al-lah and His blessing,
or the one that ciment it to the edge of a slope, about to collapse,
and is dragged by it into the fire of Jahannam?
Al-lah does not guide unjust people.
Sura at Tawba.

Pronounced on Friday the 11th of November, 2016 by Imam Hajj Abdal Ghani Melara, at the musala of the Seville Mosque Foundation, at Plaza Ponce de León, Seville.