#Kanoute4SevilleMosque Campaign Closure

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

As you may already know, in 2007 whilst playing football for Seville FC, Frederic Oumar Kanoute helped secure our current Musallah. Twelve years later, in Ramadan 2019, Oumar Kanoute further pledged to help raise €1m for the first purpose-built Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Seville in 700 years. With his support and commitment, the online campaign on LaunchGood reached that milestone in Ramadan 2020 – Alhamdulillah. 

We would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank Oumar Kanoute for his incredible support, and of course the thousands of you who supported this online campaign, with your generous donations, Duas, and kind messages of encouragement. 

We pray Allah rewards you and your families for this generosity and support. That He elevates, and gives you the best in this life and the next – Amin.

This is a huge step, and I have no doubt that with the permission of Allah and everyone’s support, this project will become a reality soon InshaAllah! The work continues. 

We ask Allah to make this dream a reality in our lifetime, so that you have the opportunity visit us in this beautiful city of Seville, to pray together in the new mosque InshaAllah. 

We pray Allah purifies our intention, give us perseverance in this endeavour, and a conclusion that is pleasing to Him in this life and the next – Amin.

With our best regards