The baraka from Sidi Abu Madian Al Gawz, or how his news arrived to Cantillana, Seville.


1981 – For Spanish speakers this is the date on which the book THE HUNDRED STEPS, by Shaykh Abdalqadir As Sufi, id published in Granada. (Kutubia editorial). In his dedication consists the following:

This book is for Fuqara’.
The pleasure of life is only in the company of the fuqara´. They are the sultans, the teachers and the princes …
May I join them in Allah, and may He forgive my bad actions.
Blessings be upon the Chosen One, Sayyidina Muhammad, the best of those who fulfilled and promised.
Abu Madian al-Ghawz.

The commentary to these simple verses has resonated in the Andalusian lands since then, bringing to the present the memory of our illustrious brother Sidi Abu Madian, on nights of clear spiritual intoxication, in that blessed zawiyya of San Gregorio alto in the Albaicin of Granada..

1990 – The LACHACHI family of Tlemcen visits us in Granada and new news begins to arrive from the city where now rests our beloved Shuaib ibn Hussein al Ansari al-Jazrayi from Seville, the family name of Sidi Abu Madian Al Ghawz.

1994 – As the result of this relationships, the AWTAR TILIMÇENE Association from Granada, participating in a concert in the Alhambra and visiting our community in the MEDINA ZAHARA in the municipality of Atarfe, a rural settlement that had the community several years. There in a bucolic environment, next to a spring and surrounded by weeping willows it took as to the Andalusian glories in its recovery of the GARNATÍ music style.

1996 – A group of Sevillians from the neighborhood of Bellavista, founded the ASSOCIATION OF MUSLIMS FROM ANDALUCIA “SIDI ABU MEDIAN”. This association has always worked from within the Islamic Community in Spain, and later at the Seville Mosque Foundation.


The President of the Sidi Abu Median Association, Jalid Nieto, the president of Círculo Nazarí, Ibrahim Pérez, accompanying Hajj Abdessalam Lachachi and his wife Hajj Rab-bia, are welcomed by the Mayor of Cantillana from that time. In that visit we left diverse information and a book of sid-Ahmed Sekkal, from a bilingual edition Arab-French “Un saint de première grandeur. SIDI ABU MADIAN of Tlemcen “. (Tlemcen 1993.)

We were determined to carry out the necessary actions to make them know in Cantillana from Al-INSAN AL KAMIL of his time, the Pole of the Gnostics, and the teacher of other teachers of Andalusia, from east and west. But something crossed our path. The possibility that a living Shaykh could visit us in Seville. And from the knowledge that we carried, we recognized that the Baraka of Sidi Abu Madian had attracted the presence of one of the Greats of this time. So we worked hard to make this announced gift happen.

Here is the reunion of Cantillana with Sidi Abu Median from the hand of People who love him, and respect him. And as it was from the hand of one of the families who have done most for their people, especially for the youth, and for the people of sincerity from the Tariqa Darqawwiyya Habibia of Tlemcen heir of the knowledge of supreme love.

1998 – Under the Sponsorship of the Citizen Area Participation of the City Hall of Seville, in the Civic Center of Cerro del Águila were held the II Andalusian Days and MAUSSIM OF SHAYKH ABDALQADIR AS SUFI. We were visited by 400 fuqara` from around the world. And the baraka of a living shaykh of the qadiriyya shadilyya darqawwiya, was shed in this city of the Guadalquivir. And the knowledge of Sidi Abu Median was again transmitted in live to the hearts of the people of the path. Many were the fruits delivered and the clarity was opened in this city for the benefit of the Umma of Muhammad. After this Maussim in which we had the presence of Hajj Mimoun (rahimul-lah) from the zawiyya Alawyyin of Melilla, the Andalusian fuqara visited Melilla and the Tomb of Sidi Mohammadi (rahimul-laha) the muqaden of Shaykh Ahmad al-Alawi. And life put us in a new direction.


2000 – After this immense gift, we visited the House of Al-lah, a large group of Europeans, and we were again invited by the Generosity of the Generous One the following year. In this Hajj were traveling two young men, who today are the Emir of our community Hajj Ibrahim Hernandez and Hajj Abu Qasim Molinero, Muqadam of Seville of this noble Tariqa.

2003 – The GREAT MOSQUE OF GRANADA is inaugurated, fulfilling a journey of more than twenty years of hope and work. Members of the “Sidi Abu Median” Association, as well as the Lachachi family are invited by the Islamic Community in Spain and participate in all acts.

2007 – The tariqa of Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi visits Tlemcen, Algeria. By an invitation of the LACHACHI family and other nobles of the city. About thirty people gather to witness directly the heritage of Al-andalus in the Maghreb. In addition to the beautiful natural sites and the rich heritage of architecture that passed to the other bank, we climbed the complex of buildings that surrounds the tomb of Sidi Abu Madian, the mosque and the madrasa. Once there we entered his mausoleum reciting some qasidas and staying in Dhikr next to his tomb. May Al-lah enlarge his bosom to the end of time. As a culmination of this visit we held an evening of samaa in the newly restored zawiyya Darqawiyya Habibia of Tlemcen. An honor that dressed us with joy and recognition. May Al-lah continue to help our generous brothers.

2008 – Sidi Karim Viudes, rahimul-lah, visits Algeria, and brought a direct document from the Habus foundation of Abu Madian, in Jerusalem, or Waqf of the Maghrebis. That a nephew of Sidi Abu Madian performed in this city so that the Hajjis going to Mecca and passing through Jerusalem would have lodging and bread. This complex was razed to extend the Wall of Lamentations. Bypassing all international regulations. Subject pending for international judicial action.

2009 – Mr. Ramón Barragán, a neighbor of many years of Cantillana, publishes the book “Abu Madyan the friend of God” starting from that simple book of Sid-Ahmed Sekkal, a book that supposes a remarkable and meritorious effort. And as Mr. Ramón acknowledges in his Introduction (May 2009) that visit we made put the engine in motion of this beautiful book.

2012 – After contacting the author of the book we meet in San José de la Rinconada. And after passing the account of our historic visit, he said “So you are the one who has had me two years immersed in that investigation” yes, I answered. But transcending the biographical, we can only recognize that we act according to our decree.

2013 – While traveling to the Mousen of our Sheikh to Cape Town, South Africa, Hajj Abdessalam Lachachi returned to Seville, leaving as a present in my house a book from his own library. The latest edition and study of the Diwan of Sidi Abu Madian. Where the critical edition of Hizru al-aqsam is included. It also contains qasidas that are being edited for the first time. And deny others that are attributed to him. This immense work has been done by Dr. Bidiar al Bachir.

2014 – The bimonthly publication Islam Hoy (Islam today), publishes two articles on two disciples of Sidi Abu Madian written by Khalid Nieto, one on Sidi Bono from Cocentaina, and one on Abu Abdallah Al Mawruri, from Moron.

2016 – This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Sidi Abu Madian Association. The Association will carry out during the following year a series of cultural activities for this commemoration. It has started organizing Arabic classes for the children of Bellavista and Bermejales in the Bellavista Civic Center.

2016 – The City Council of Cantillana announces the celebration of the 900 anniversary of the birth of Sidi Abu Madian.

According to a letter delivered on record on November 9th, 2016, we inform the corporation, the documents that support what we have told. On the 11th of the same month, we received a response from the Economic Development Delegate, Ms. Mª Carmen Rodríguez, announcing our invitation to the conference. We hope that these international conferences will mark a milestone in the recognition of our beloved Sidi Abu Madian. What we can not forget is that the actors for as much as we want, we are nothing, only poors in the hands of the Wealthy.

Seville November 15th, 2016.
Hajj Khalid Abu Luqman Nieto.