The Muslim community of Seville very grateful for the support of Indonesia for the development of the Mosque of Seville. Article of the Indonesian Embassy

Ibrahim Hernández, the Vice-president of the Seville Mosque Foundation on the occasion of the Thanksgiving event, finalizing the recording of the series of the donation campaign for the development of the Mosque of Seville held at the Embassy in Madrid on Sunday, March 26th, 2017, commented that “We, the Muslim community in Seville are so happy and grateful” to have the attention, support and assistance of the Indonesian people for the efforts of the Muslim community of Seville in carrying out the construction of the mosque of Seville.

The Indonesian diaspora in Madrid that night gathered at the embassy in Madrid, Muslim dress and with great joy, received the arrival of Dewi Sandra and Oki Setiana Dewi, two Indonesian artists for the series “A Tile for Seville” produced the campaign for donations of the Great Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center in Seville.

Ibrahim Hernandez said the campaign series was initiated by the Malaysian NGO “Ukhwah for Ummah” and supported by the Indonesian NGO “Aksi Cepat Tanggap” (ACT), which since 2016 became a partner of the Seville Mosque Foundation to join donations from the people of Malaysia and Indonesia to help carry out the development of the mosque and Islamic cultural center in Seville. The film will air the YOUTUBE augmentation at the beginning of April 2017.

It is accompanied by the whole process of making a scene from the film starring Indonesian artist Dewi Sandra and Oki Setiana Dewi, Malaysia (Irma Hasmie, Faizal Tahir, Suffian Amrin, Farah Asyikim) and Singapore (Elfaeza Ul Haq), had place in several cities of Spain that has a background in the history of Islamic civilization, such as Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada and Seville, from March 19th to March 27th, 2017.

The artists have role in the series of films of 20 episodes of the history of the glory of the Islamic civilization in Andalusia in the past. Many scenes of films that show the dialogue between the artists themselves with the Muslim community in Seville, which amounts to about 300-500 people, who sincerely express their longing for the presence of a mosque in their city of Seville. They want to be able to practice their religion more comfortably, according to Al-lah’s command, for example, to be able to pray in congregation, and recite the Qur’an after working hours, which at this point can not be implemented. The Seville Mosque Foundation is very grateful for the famous artist from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore who paid great attention and fully supports the efforts of the Muslim community in Seville through their participation in the activities of the donation campaign. It is believed that the film is going to attract the public to help provide assistance for the construction of mosques and Islamic Cultural Center of Seville.

Indonesian Ambassador to Madrid Yuli Mumpuni Widarso in her speech said that the whole Muslim community of Indonesia in Spain welcomes and supports the campaign donations to the Great Mosque of Seville so that the Muslim community of Seville has a house of prayer to accommodate the entire Muslim community of Seville to carry out congregational worship. Therefore, the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid together with the Indonesian diaspora in Madrid invited the artists and the campaign team from the whole cinematography “A Tile for Seville” to a Thanksgiving, to thank God that the filming activities have been running smoothly and all members of the support team keep the spirit, gratitude sound and even thicker, as they can participate in a campaign of charitable donation to the Great Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center of Seville.

Presented that the Indonesian Embassy in Madrid has facilitated the visits of the leaders of the Seville Mosque Foundation in May 2016, their were received by Vice President H. Jusuf Kalla and prominent religious leaders of Indonesia such as the President of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah. They were also speakers at the open conference on the history and development of Islamic civilization in Andalusia held at the UIN Jakarta campus, Yogyakarta UGM, UIN Yogyakarta and UMY Jogjakarta.

Donation collection activities in Indonesia are channeled through a special account managed by the NGO Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), which has been announced to the people of Indonesia through reports in some national newspapers, such as Republika and through text on several national television stations such as Trans TV, Metro TV and MNC TV. But it turns out that after a year, the amount of donations collected are not as fast as expected so it seems the initiative to celebrate celebrities, artists and other public figures to be part of the charity campaign. The initiative is very well received by the Muslim community in Seville. The Embassy in Madrid and all the people of Indonesia in Madrid are very proud of the two Indonesian artists who have participated in the charity campaign.

Meanwhile Dewi Sandra and Oki Setiana Dewi on that occasion had expressed their appreciation for being invited to participate in the activities of the charity campaign. Although they were very tired due to the movie activities for a few days, doing a marathon when the weather was still cold. They were also willing to talk about their meetings with members of the Muslim community in Andalusia, the young memorizers of the Qur’an (Hafis) and some mothers who supervised the children to learn to recite the Quran. According to them, the whole experience during the process of making the film in Spain was a very wonderful, moving and emotional experience. Therefore, both are calling on the hearts of all Muslims to use it as an excellent opportunity for charities to build a house of God.

For the Diaspora of Indonesia that attended the event, it has been announced the account number for the donation for the development of the Mosque of Seville:

1. In Indonesia
Account name: Aksi Cepat Tanggap
Bank: BCA – Bank Central Asia
Account number: 5995220048
Office: Gedung Manhattan, Jakarta Selatan

2. In Spain

Account name: Fundación Mezquita de Sevilla
Bank: La Caixa Caja de Ahorros y pensiones de Barcelona
Office: 2143 Address: C/ Imagen, 10, 41003, Sevilla
Account number: 21002143670200290524
IBAN: IBAN ES 9021002143670200290524

The Thanksgiving event was completed with the recitation of prayers for the success of a charity campaign for the Great Mosque and closes with a dinner all together.

Madrid, March 26th, 2017