Muslim communities and associations from Sevilla gathers with the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation


At the beginning of July all Muslim Communities from Seville gather with the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation in the sociocultural place from Al Hidaya Mosque in the Cerezo neighborhood.

In a climate of consensus and respect, many issues of interest were treated for relations with the City Council by the Muslims communities representative from Seville.

Since the beginning of this year this mentioned Foundation, in collaboration with different City Council from the Spanish State and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, is carrying out the study of managing religious pluralism in different municipalities. These studies have as a final product, a report with proposals for improvement for municipalities on their policies for the management of religious pluralism.

To perform these studies they have shifted to the municipalities from the Foundation, where they have had interviews with various denominations, to get closer to local realities that are living the different communities. These meetings allow the foundation to adjust the proposals from the contrast made with the various religious entities.

The agenda of the day at the meeting was:

  • Review policies on management of pluralism that makes the City Council.
  • Propose improvements in this management.
  • Update data on communities located in the Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain.
  • Respond to issues that communities have about the work of the Foundation.

In the meeting participated:

  • Senegalese Community.
  • Islamic Community of Seville, “Umma”.
  • Al Hidaya Mosque (Macarena).
  • Seville Mosque Foundation.
  • Islamic Community in Spain.
  • Association of Andalusian Muslim (Bellavista).
  • And as guests ‘The Civic Platform for a Metropolitan Cemetery’.
  • The Community of Andalusian Muslims from Valle excused his participation and communicated that they will incorporate in the next one.

Among many other issues outside the agenda, were very celebrated the news transmitted by the Islamic Community of Seville, Ummah, that the current Islamic cemetery has been expanded. Giving a letup to the Civic Platform, that presented more than a thousand physical signatures supporting a new cemetery, to continue their work.

All parties were emplaced to a forthcoming meeting, and to formulate a report that combines the needs of the communities of Seville.