Layla tul Qader – Night of Power

It is true that we did descend on the night of decree.

And how do you know what the Night of Decree is?

The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.

In it the angels and the spirit * with the orders of your Lord for every matter descend.

* [Jibril.]                  

Peace, it lasts until the crack of dawn.

Sura Decree

The 27th night of Ramadan, we celebrated the Laylatul Qadr, the night of power. The night that began and ended the revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

In this night we had the honor to have five young hufath, three of them ended up memorizing the Quran completely, and the other two will soon insha Allah. It was a treat for all attendees, who made the mosque stay small, having these five princes to lead the tarawih prayer in this special night. May Allah accept their duas, and give them ease and expansion and all that they intend to do in the name of Allah. Amin.


The evening program started with the class of Hafith Aiman Madero. Then, the fasting was ended, followed by Maghrib and a soup. After Salat al Isha, the first part of tarawih was done, followed by dinner. The second half began at 3 in the morning. Once finished, many remained in the mosque where the Sahur was served and salat al fajr was made.