The 40 hadith – Ep. 4 – “The creation and destiny of human beings”


We present the famous collection of 40 Hadiths collected by the great Sage An-Nawawi with the respective explanation by Imam Ahmed Bermejo, Imam of the Great Mosque of Granada.

Episode 4.

Narrated by Abu ‘Abdur-Rahman, Abdullah Ibn Masud (Ra):

Narrated by the Messenger of Allah (S.A.S.), the truthful, the trustworthy:

“Surely the creation of each one of you, meets in the womb of his mother: For forty days in the form of a germ, then he is a clot for an equal period, then a piece of flesh for a similar period and then an angel is send to blow the spirit in him, and four words are entrusted to him ( four affairs): Write your sustentation, the term of his life, his actions and whether he will be happy or unhappy; By Al-lah!, besides whom there is no other than Al-lah, one of you work as the people of Paradise until there is between him and it (Paradise), no more than arm’s length, then what has been written, it reaches him, and act as the people of the fire (Hell), and enters it. And one of you acts as the people of the fire (Hell), until there is between him and it, no more than an arm’s length, and then it reaches what has been written and acts as the people of Paradise and enters it “.