Masjid Seville Charity Golf Tournament; Note of gratitude & Picture Gallery.

We would like to send our most sincere gratitude to every one that organised, sponsored, helped, contributed and attended the most wonderful and successful Seville Mosque Charity Golf Tournament that we celebrated yesterday.

We cannot express in words the overwhelming sensation of gratitud to every one, for every thing. We could have not imagined a more successful and better organised event.

Firstly we would like to thank Tun Musa Hitam and Tan Sri Abdal Ghani, for their patronage of the event. Their presence elevated the event and we thank them for their support.

Datuk Syed Ahmed and Dato Salih, Chairmans and Vice Chairman, for being the engines behind every wonder that we experience  yesterday. For their constancy and perseverance until they saw the event happen.

The comity; they made every thing happen with all their meetings, input and hard work over the last year. To all of them and their families a huge thank you for doing it, and for doing it with a huge a smile!

The sponsors; Bank Rakiat, Proton, Broadway Media, UM Land, Samsung, Adabi Spices & Faiz Rice, without whom this could have not happened. Thank you for your support, amazing prices and generosity. The price giving ceremony was certainly one of the most joyful for all!

And of course, to all that attended, supported us and made the effort to be there on a Sunday morning at 6.30am…Truly extraordinary turn out!

One of the things that we will always remember is the good character, smiles and good time that every one had at the event.

We also have to make a mention to all those that without being Muslim, participated and contributed in this noble cause. Its a true lesson for all of us, and some thing that is at the core of our project, to promote integration and coexistence.

May Allah reward every one that took part in any way in this wonderful event. May Allah accept their generosity and give them increase by it. Amin.

We hope to receive every single last one of you in Spain very soon insha Allah!