Meeting of the European Muslim Forum in Barcelona

Muslim leaders from Europe and Asia have laid the foundations for a new office that will study the construction of a great mosque in the city of Barcelona.

The meeting was organised by the European Muslim Forum, a platform that aims to be an interlocutor that represents the diverse sensitivities that exist in Islam to promote different activities and projects, such as the construction of mosques, and that will soon open other offices in Europe and Asia.

As part of the meeting between spiritual leaders from different countries held this Monday in Barcelona, the religious leaders have decided to study the possibility of building a great mosque in Barcelona. The forum’s president, Malik Abderrahman Ruiz, said that Barcelona, despite being “the city with the largest Muslim community in Spain” does not have a purpose-built mosque, and that is why it is necessary to “carry out a project of this large sacle”.

Other actions

During the meeting, organised by the “European Muslim Forum”, voices were raised in favor of promoting Muslim presence in culture, economy, politics and institutions. Barcelona will be the headquarters of this office because it has been considered an “ideal” place.

This office will also be dedicated to promoting cultural activities, relationship with institutions and social action, especially in favour of immigrants. At the head of the meeting that was held at the Barceló Raval hotel was Abdul Vakhed Niyazov, president of the public wing of the Russian Mufti Council.

Niyazov has explained that “Barcelona is a big city, with a lot of Muslim population” and that, unlike the mosques that are present in the city, they are working towards the building of the new mosque that is “emblematic and beautiful”.