Meeting with the Municipal Chamber of Mértola, Portugal

Ibrahim Hernández and Luqman Nieto, president and vice president of the Seville Mosque Foundation met yesterday with the culture councillor and representatives of the Municipal Chamber of Mértola to outline what will be the tenth edition of the Islamic Festival of Mértola.

Because this the tenth edition of this biennial festival, which has been happening since 2001, the intention is make a special one in terms of the program as well as special attention to quality and craftsmanship.

The dates of the festival, from May 16th to 19th, will coincide with the month of Ramadan, which will hinder the commitment of participation of the Seville Mosque Foundation and the Islamic Community in Spain, but also opens the opportunity to organize activities, such as a iftar -fast breaking- public, which on other dates is not possible.

The meeting proceeded normally and during the meeting the different possibilities of the program and the organization were discussed.

After this preparatory meeting the contact will be maintained to work on the details and there is already another meeting scheduled for March 2019.

We want to thank the Municipal Chamber of Mértola and all the people involved for their efforts and perseverance to maintain this Islamic festival that has become a reference for the meeting of cultures throughout Portugal.