Presentation of the book ‘The legacy of Al Andalus. The Andalusian and Moorish heritage in the Maghreb ‘

The Seville Mosque Foundation has been invited through our communication director, Hajj Khalid Nieto, to the presentation of this revealing research; The legacy of Al Andalus. The Andalusian and Moorish heritage in the Maghreb, by Virginia Luque Gallegos. June 28th from 9pm.

Professor Virginia Luque Gallegos maintains a good intellectual relationship with our foundation from where we hope fruit will emerge in the near future. We sincerely hope that the act of presenting this book will be a success in all its dimensions. And our congratulations on this culmination of years of work.

The event organized by the Fundación Tres Culturas in the June session of the Al-Andalus Chair will offer the presentation of the book by Virginia Luque Gallegos, The Legacy of Al Ándalus. The Andalusian and Moorish heritage in the Maghreb and after the presentation a concert of the Andalusian music group of Emilio Villalba and Sara Marina, researchers and interpreters of Andalusian music.

About the book

The legacy of Al Andalus is an incursion for the contributions and cultural influences Andalusi and Moorish in the Maghreb. It is an inheritance associated with cities, landscapes, streets, bridges, ports and mosques as well as a legacy of artisan traditions, artistic manifestations, knowledge, works and thoughts that continue to evolve.

From the memory of two Andalusian monarchs banished to the Sanctuaries, patrons of the main metropolis, whose tombs and zawiyas continue to attract thousands of devotees, Andalusians and Moors brought with them techniques and skills, but also literary and musical traditions thanks to the transmission of interpreters , Poets, mystics and composers.

Throughout twelve chapters, the connections linking Andalusians and Moors with the Maghreb, as well as the way in which this legacy, forged through the centuries, is a valuable trait of identity, are disengaging. Not only as a tangible heritage of the lands where they settled but as a living heritage, symbol and evocation in the Arab-Islamic world

About the author

Virginia Luque has a master in architecture and historical heritage. Historian and researcher on al-Andalus and her connections with the Arab world, she is a member of the network of cultural heritage experts. Cultural manager, exhibition curator and author of more than a dozen publications on these subjects, she also writes in some Spanish media of the digital press. In his blog, El diván de Nur, al-Andalus, the Mediterranean and the Maghreb become a field of analysis and permanent exploration provoked by its enclaves, cities, histories and lives. With more than 45,000 visits, the blog has followers in Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Ibero-America.
Finished the invitations to attend the presentation.

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