Program of the X Islamic Festival of Mértola

The Islamic Festival of Mértola celebrates its tenth edition this year. It is a biennial festival that has been taking place for the last 20 years. In each new edition, there is a noticeable effort on the part of the organization to improve and make this festival more attractive, without losing the essence that created it.

The Seville Mosque Foundation and the Islamic Community in Spain have been an organizing part of this festival since its inception. The participation has had a characteristic presence in The Zuq every year as well as a series of conferences and events that have taken place.

This edition coincides with the month of Ramdán, and due to this, the Muslim presence will be less. However, there will be two conferences, one by Jalid Nieto, entitled: Educational principles of Islamic Education in Islam; and another by Luqman Nieto which is titled: Ramadan: form and essence of the practice of fasting in Islam. We will also have an institutional stand and we will have a presence in other events.

You can find here the complete program which you can also check in this link: