Reception of Prof. Dr. H. Kamil Yilmaz, Grand Mufti of Istanbul

The delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation has had the honor of being received by Prof. Dr. H. Kamil Yilmaz, Grand Mufti of Istanbul. The office of the Grand Mufti of Istanbul is a centuries-old institution and from which many of the affairs of the Islamic world were governed.

Dr. H. Kamil Yilmaz was very excited about the project for the construction of the Islamic cultural center and mosque in the city of Seville, promoted by the Seville Mosque Foundation, and offered his advice and support for the achievement of this project.

The meeting dealt with issues pertinent to this project as well as other issues related to the Islamic world and the situation of Muslims in Spain in particular, for which the Grand Mufti showed great interest and stressed the importance of the Seville Mosque Foundation’s project.

We want to thank the support and advice of Prof. Dr. H. Kamil Yilmaz, Grand Mufti of Istanbul, and we hope that your interest and concern for Muslims around the world will be a source of help and ease for them.