Meeting with Mustafa Tutkun, General Director of Diyanet Foundation, Ankara, Turkey

The delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation has traveled to Turkey to have a series of meetings with Diyanet Foundation. The delegation is form by Malik Abderrahman Ruíz, president of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Ibrahim Hernández, vice president, Abdel Ghani Melara, Imam Jatib of the mosque of the foundation, and Luqman Nieto, communication and media consultant.

In the first meeting the delegation met with Mustafa Tutkun, General Director of Diyanet Foundation. It has been a very positive meeting in which we talked about the possibilities of cooperation between the two foundations and the projects that both carry out. The Diyanet Foundation, which carries out projects of education, humanitarian aid and assistance to Muslims, among many others, has offered its support and extensive experience to the Seville Mosque Foundation project to build the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque in the city of Seville.

The Seville Mosque Foundation wants to offer its sincere thanks to Diyanet Foundation and all its members, especially the general director, Mustafa Tutkun, for his support, advice and hospitality. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship that will lead us to the achievement of many successes, Insha Allah.