Aquidah Seminar with Shaykh Ahmad Bermejo, Mallorca, January 2017.

We are pleased to announce that between the 28th of January and the 1st of February (Sunday to Wednesday) the Mayurqa Academy will be holding a seminar on ‘Aquidah that will be conducted by Shaykh Ahmad Bermejo, Imam Khatib of the Great Mosque of Granada.

The Aquidah is the complete set of beliefs that a muslim must know and believe in. The word ‘Aquidah comes from the root ‘aina-qaf-dal, which means to hold something together, to affirm or to make a knot. We can say that a correct ‘Aquidah is that which affirms the belief in your heart; that which holds yourself and your Deen together.

The ‘Aquidah is one of the most important aspects of the the Deen and the foundation for a correct practice of the five pillars of Islam and the correct belief on the six pillars of Iman.

Morevoer, the ‘Aquidah is one of the single most important things that will define the life of a Muslim. For example, one person that has a correct belief of the Decree and knowledge of how it works it will behave very differently from someone to whom the Decree is just a term, something to be believed in, but not very sure of what it means or how it works; the same could be said about the next life, or, more importantly, about a correct and reasoned believed in the Creator.

The seminar will explore and explain the ashari ‘Aquidah, based on traditional sources such as al-Murshid al-Mui’n, by Ibn ‘Ashir and Yauharatu at-Tawhid, by Shykha Al-Laqani.

The duration of the seminar will be of five days, the classes will be imparted between the Asr and Maghrib prayer each day, stopping for the prayer and continuing afterwards with a Q&A session.

There will also be a Quran class in the morning for those who wish to attend. Of course, the adhan for the prayer is called five times a day and the prayer is done in jamaa’.

The seminar will be held at the Mayurqa Academy premises and the price is 250€, which includes accommodation, food and tuition. The accommodation will be in a shared double room and flights and transport from and to the Academy are not included.

The first lesson will be on Saturday 28th, therefore the best date of arrival would be Friday evening or Saturday morning. The last lesson would be on Wednesday 1st, therefore the best date to leave would be Thursday 2nd or Friday 3rd.

The seminar is open to both, men and women, but accommodation at the Academy premises is only possible for men. For women who are interested we can help them find accommodation and the price of the seminar would be of a 100€ (it does not include accommodation and food).

We have a very limited amount of places available, so we advise you to reserve yours shortly if you are interested.

If you would like to reserve your place, please fill in this form and will get in touch asap.

If you have any question you can contact Luqman Nieto at or at the number: +34 663 603 588.