Course on ‘Compassionate Communication: building empathic relations’, Seville

On Saturday, February 17th, a course on ‘Compassionate Communication: building empathic relations’ will be held in Seville, given by Yamila Rodríguez, a child educator and non-violent communication educator, certified by the ‘Center For NonViolentCommunication’, who will come from Málaga expressly for the course.

The course is open to all women between 18 and older. The price is 50€ for the full day and with the possibility of paying 30€ for half a day.

We’ll take something to eat together and snack. Who weshes only the company can go to eat and check the good atmosphere that she generates. Wont leave anybody indiferent. Words and attitude can be improved for healthier communication.

It is important to confirm before Friday 16th, because we need to know the exact number for its realization.

For confirmation and more information please contact Hayya Atika Jiménez, 658 753 060.

What is Compassionate Communication?

CC is a technique that brings us four simple steps to structure communication in a way that we can express ourselves with honesty and empathy even in difficult situations. It will teach us how to listen and be heard in messages that are difficult to accept.

This tool helps us to connect with universal human needs or values, to recognize them not only in ourselves but also in others.

The words we use shape our personal relations, interpersonal and social connections.

General purpose:

– Create connection and development among people through discovering what unites us as human beings and not what separates us.
– Listen and be heard within a framework of mutual respect. InshaAlláh


– How to take care of relationships without getting lost in guilt, judgments …?
– Conflicts, what do they want to tell us?
– Occupy and not worry, establishing a theoretical and practical framework in conflict resolution, for interpersonal relationships, emphasizing the importance of being assertive.

What is a conflict …?

It is an opportunity to learn, approach and connect with myself and with the other. It is a gift that Allah gives us to SEE the other.