VIII Conference on Education


 On the 25th, 26th and 27th of December the Islamic Studies Center in Granada will hold the VIII Conference on Education, under the title ¨When the Community Educates¨. The conference is organized by the Educational Al-Andalus Foundation and by the Granada Mosque Foundation.

Anyone who is interested in the event is most welcome.


Friday 25th
10.00 − Welcome. Emir Malik Abderrahman
10.30 − “The relationship between the recovery of tawhid in the teaching and the social model. When the community educates “. Hayy Muhámmad Mujtar
11.30 − Coffee
12.00 − “Who is Europe? Individual orientalization and the importance of civil society as an area of stability in the great debate on citizenship “. Sidi Parvez Asad Shaykh
14.30 − Salat al yumu’a 15.15 – Lunch.

Saturday 26th
10.30 − “A community reaches the position that comprise members are willing to achieve.” Shaykh Ahmed Bermejo
11.30 − Coffee
12.00 – Talk by Shayk Abdal Haqq Bewley
13.30 − Salat ad-duhur
19.40 − Salat al-‘isha. Night of Dhikr, with Shaykh Murtada Elboumashouli

Sunday 27th
11.30 − Coffee
12.00 − “The actual meaning of politics.” Raís Abu Bakr Rieger

13.00 − Goodbye
13.30 − Salat ad-duhur
14.00 – Lunch

VIII Jornadas Educativas copy

VIII Jornadas Educativas 2