Visit to Francisco José Blanc Castán, pastor of the Church of St. Román and St. Catalina.

On Tuesday, November 5, the president of the Seville Mosque Foundation, Ibrahim Hernández, accompanied by Issam Rodríguez made a visit to the pastor of the Church of St. Román and St. Catalina, Mr. Francisco José Blanc Castán. On that visit, Mr. Francisco José was kind enough to make a guided tour of the temple, discovering its history and hidden corners, as well as showing the great historical and cultural value of an enclosure that has been a Roman temple, Visigoth, mosque and Christian temple again. Likewise, he gave D. Ibrahim Hernández a copy of his book entitled “Social Cohesion and Sense Beliefs.”

Since the appointment of Mr. Francisco José as pastor of the temple located in the San Román square he was always close and collaborative, making a presentation call to the Foundation upon his arrival and showing his support in difficult times, especially when the facade of the headquarters of the Foundation suffered some islamophobic graffities.

From the Foundation, we greatly appreciate the respect, commitment and support shown by Mr. Francisco José and we hope that this visit will serve to begin a path in which our relationships will bear fruit, be strengthened and serve as an example of coexistence, respect and understanding between neighboring communities, which can work together to be a good for the city in which they live and for their citizens.