Gallery: Visit to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Religious Affairs and Youth and Sports of Indonesia


On the agenda of the recent visit to Indonesia, prepared by His Excellency Ibu Yuli Mpuni, Ambassador of Indonesia in Spain, the delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation was received at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by His Excellency A.M.Fachir Deputy Foreign Affairs. And at the Religious Affairs Ministry by Prof. Dr. M. Machasin, Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs. And at the Youth and Sports Ministry, by his deputy, Gatot S. Dewa Broto.

During all the meetings we had the opportunity to present the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, which had a great reception on their behalf and where several avenues of collaboration were expressed.

It was also emphasized on the Indonesia model that, without being an Islamic state by constitution, is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, more than 200 million. And although about 90% of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, the country has about 300 ethnic groups, each one of them with cultural differences developed over centuries and influenced by the Indians, Arabs, Chinese, Malays and Europeans. A great tolerance example, religious and cultural coexistence.