Visit of Shaykh Dr. Jahid Sideq with a group of 80 Malays

On Sunday, July 30th, we had the honor and pleasure to receive a delegation of more than 80 Malays in the Mosque, who joined the Sunday recitation program of the Quran and coffee.

The group, led by Shaykh Dr Jahid Sideq of the Persatuan Kebajikan Bina Budi organization, and consisting mostly of doctors, promote a treatment of Islamic reflexology based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

After the recitation we had the opportunity to know their goals and practices and shared a delicious Malaysian food to which they very kindly invited all those present. The delegation continued their journey after the salat of dhuhr.

May Allah give them all the best of this journey and make them return safely to their homes. Amin.

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