Sr. D. Juan Espadas Cejas, Alcalde de Sevilla

Letter to Mr. Juan Espadas Cejas, Mayor of Seville Categories: CARTAS

Atte. Mr. Juan Espadas Cejas
His Excellency Mr. Mayor of the Seville City Council

Seville, February 23, 2017

Subject: Islamic Cultural Center of Seville

On behalf of the Seville Mosque Foundation, I would like to inform you of the positive development and progress of the project of the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville, since the last communication that we sent you last March and that I attach here.

During the past year, the Seville Mosque Foundation has carried out intense international diplomatic work, directing our efforts to countries with which we share a vision away from any type of extremism, to which we have turned in order to obtain support and funding for the aforementioned project. During these trips we have always transmitted the best image of our city, both in its historical aspects and in its current vibrant development. The reception has always been positive and we are charged with optimism for the future.

At the same time, the Seville Mosque Foundation has maintained an intense program of presence, activity and service in the center of our city, where we have been active, as Sevillian citizens and Muslims, for more than 30 years.

We continue working, with total transparency, to achieve our main objective, the acquisition of a private space where we can materialize our idea of ​​the Islamic Cultural Center.

The aforementioned is recorded on the official page of the Seville Mosque Foundation, where you can find a reflection of our trajectory and activity.

We remain at your entire disposal in what you and the Hon. Seville City Council requires our Foundation.

Kind regards,
Ibrahim Hernandez