The City Council now invites the Islamic Community to buy land for its mosque / ABC Categories: NOTICIAS

Four years after the Urban Planning Management directly granted the cession of use of a municipal land to the Islamic Community of Spain, the City Council backs down and invites the promoters of the project to buy land or wait for an event to be convened of public tender to access land duly cataloged for this community facility for private use.

The Urban Planning Management yesterday made public the report of its legal advice, of slightly less than one page, in which the construction of the mosque on the designated land of the Isla de la Cartuja and in any other municipally owned land is ruled out unless the land was catalogued for public facilities and services for socio-cultural use of a private nature, in which case the promoters should go to a public tender for its award.

The same report reminds the promoters that the mosque can be located “in any area, residential, commercial, or industrial of the city, since all ordinances admit as compatible use the equipment and public services of a socio-cultural scope”, in In this case, of course, the developers only have to buy the land and apply for the license.

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