The mosque will be built in the ´Cartuja´, ´Seville Este´ or ´Pino Montano´ / Diario de Sevilla Categories: NOTICIAS

The half dozen locations offered to the Islamic Community of Spain for the construction of the mosque that will replace the one planned in Los Bermejales was yesterday reduced to three. The Urban Planing Councillor, Emilio Carrillo (PSOE), and the first deputy mayor, Antonio Rodrigo Torrijos (IU), transferred the list of lands to the president of the Islamic community, Malik Ruiz, in a meeting held in the City Hall.

Finally, it will be the plots located in the north of the Cartuja -behind the Olympic Stadium and bordering the Alamillo Park-, in Santa Bárbara -to the east, past Seville Este- and in Higuerón -to the north, between San Jerónimo and Pino Montano – those preselected by the local Administration for the Islamic Community to assess and choose one of them within a period of 15 days, an decision that will be transferred to a new appointment that both parties have set for next March 12.

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