Lecture by Hajj Abdel Ghani Melara. ‘Ulu-l-Ilm’- The people of knowledge (AUDIO)

A masterful lecture by Hajj Abdel Ghani Melara, Imam of the Seville Mosque Foundation, during the XIV Anniversary of the Great Mosque of Granada, under the title ‘Ulu-l-Ilm’- The people of knowledge.

This year the central theme of the anniversary event of the Great Mosque of Granada, or as it is called, Encounters of Islam in Europe, has been ‘Knowledge through its Imams’, where the Seville Mosque Foundation has been represented through Of his Imam, Hajj Abdel Ghani Melara. It has been a real pleasure and honor for us to collaborate and participate in this event.

Allah testifies that there is no god but Him, as well as angels and those endowed with
knowledge, ruling (His creation) with equity.
There is no god but Him, the Incomparable, the Wise.
Sura of the Imran Family, 18